McDonalds packaging from the past

Original Big Mac adThe Guardian has put together a gallery of some of the most iconic packaging McDonalds has been served in around the world. If you grew up with McDonalds then you probably recognise a large number of these.

How things have changed. If you’re old enough to remember the styrofoam clam shell packaging from back in the day then you’ll also remember the world wide campaign against this landfill consuming environmental nightmare. I have to admit being old enough to remember and although I am much happier about the reduced environmental impact paper and cardboard packaging has had I still think that they just tasted that much better out of a pop top styrofoam box.

If you’re still not convinced then you must know that there’s a reference to McDonald’s Pizza! This never made it to Australia so was a big surprise for me.

Checkout the gallery – McDonalds packaging journey through time

If you’ve not had your vintage McDonald’s fix yet then here’s a video of Bozo the clown star playing the original Ronald McDonald.

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